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What Makes Us Different?

Any PEO can provide payroll and workers’ compensation coverage, very few deliver personalized customer service like CHOICE Employer Solutions.

We provide a consultative approach by designing solutions around your specific needs. We realize that all businesses are not alike, so why pay for services you do not need?

You Outsource for a Reason - We Understand Why

CHOICE Employer Solutions is a full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We are committeed to providing cost effective HR services integrated with leading technologies in a manner that is seamless, simple, and personalized. We've put great effort into designing a pro-active service model with unobtrusive processes, allowing you to truly spend more time in the areas of your business that actually generate revenue.

We welcome you to leverage our economies of scale, processes, technologies, talent, and experience. CHOICE Employer Solutions can help control your employee related costs and liabilities while providing customized Fortune 500-style employee benefits geared towards helping your business attract and retain valued employees.

Thank you for considering CHOICE Employer Solutions.

  • Payroll Administration
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Benefits
  • Unemployment Tax Management

Payroll Administration

Processing payroll in a timely and accurate manner is an essential responsibility for all Employers. Unfortunately, processing payroll is a time consuming headache that exposes Employers to liabilities that constantly change.

CHOICE Employer Solutions alleviates the burdens associated with the processing of payroll and tax deposits. Read More


Workers' Compensation

CHOICE Employer Solutions provides a proactive and comprehensive approach to effectively managing risks and controlling costs. Our goal is to improve the health and safety environment for your employees.

Our Workers Compensation programs are coordinated and administered by dedicated professionals with years of experience. Read More


Human Resources

Growing regulations, administrative headaches, and escalating costs have affected Small Businesses dramatically. Effective Business Owners have learned that the best strategy is to devote their resources and time to the areas of their business that actually generate revenue while outsourcing the rest. Let CHOICE Employer Solutions manage the ever-growing complexity of today's HR responsibilities. Read More


Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining quality employees is vital for today’s Employer. Unfortunately Business Owners are faced with increasing costs, regulations, and administrative headaches.

CHOICE Employer Solutions’ Employee Benefits division - BeneSourceHR can help administer and design programs to fit your specific needs. Read More


Unemployment Tax Service Management Services

In today’s business and economic environment, controlling rising unemployment costs is a critical and challenging task for all employers.

Very few employers are familiar with unemployment laws and regulations, most do not have the time or resources to adequately defend themselves and successfully fight claims. Read More